Friday, July 12, 2013

2013 July 12

2013 July 12 Friday

We were at the dentist yesterday so that Ella could be x-rayed.   Today we were back so that the dentist could explain about all the work needing to be done and how much it was going to cost.   And this was my day to have my mouth fully x rayed and to determine the amount of work to be done in my mouth plus the cost.   Over the next few months were going to spend a lot of time at the dentist office.   And it's estimated that, after the insurance pays, we will still owe about $2000.

Today after leaving the dentist office we stopped at the new Dunkin Donuts.  I really love their Bavarian creme donut without chocolate on it.   Guess what they didn't have.   Yep that's right, Bavarian cremre donuts without chocolate.   So I had a crewler and an iced coffee while Ella had coffee and a maple frosted donut. 

When we arrived home we picked up some items that needed to go over to the HitchHiker.   And once at the HitchHiker, I picked up some things that needed to come back to the Excel.

Ella is now working on something for our lunch.   She works 2 to 9 today and I work 3 to 10.

I am still without my laptop and writing my blogs on the Droid Razr Maxx.   It is getting easier for me to do it this way as I become more custom to doing it.   However, I will be very glad to have the laptop back so that I can add photos

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